Board of Directors

Prof. Peretz Lavie

Senior Board Member

 Professor Peretz Lavie is President of the Technion in Haifa, Full Professor, and incumbent of the Andre Ballard Chair of Biological Psychiatry. In 2006, we won the EMET Prize for Medicine. Professor Lavie has published over 300 scientific articles in the field of sleep and sleep disorders. His book “The Enchanted World of Sleep” has been translated into 15 languages. Lavie also develops medical devices and was one of the founders of SLP Ltd. and Itamar Medical Ltd.  Professor Lavie has been a board member of ALS since its establishment

Ruth Keidar Cohen


 Ruth was born in 1957, is married and the mother of three children. She has a BA in Economics and Accountancy from the University of Haifa and is a certified accountant. From 1983-1995 she worked at an accountancy firm, first as an intern and later she became an employee and finally a partner. From 1993 – 1996 she served as the CFO of a start-up company. Today she manages her own private accountancy firm.
The fact that medicine had no cure to offer her brother, who was diagnosed with ALS, was a determining factor in Ruthies’s decision to work toward the establishment of an ALS research fund.

Iris Mazel

  Iris was born in 1965 in Paris and today lives in Tel Aviv. She was encouraged to participate in the activities of IsrA.L.S. by her fellow student Nir Tsoran, who later served as CEO of the organization for three years. She has a BA in Middle East History and French Literature, and an MBA. Today Iris serves as the Head of the Marketing and Distribution Department in CAL – Israel Credit Card Ltd.

Avichai Kremer

   Avichai is Founder and Chairman of Prize4Life. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2004 and served as CEO of IsrA.L.S. for a short time. He worked to promote ALS research at the Harvard Research Center for Muscle Dystrophy. He was an officer in the IDF and project manager at Elbit Systems. He has a BA in Computer Sciences from the Technion and an MBA from Harvard University. In 2006 Harvard Business School recognized Kremer with its prestigious Dean’s Award for an outstanding contribution to the university and to society.

Maly Cohen

Maly was born in 1995, is married to David and mother of three. She has a BA in the Agricultural Sciences. For twenty years she managed a successful construction and development company together with her husband David. In May 2003, David was diagnosed with ALS and since then the disease plays a major role in her life. She joined IsrA.L.S. soon after it was established and contributes to the best of her ability out of the belief that together we can fight this horrendous disease.

Moshe Golan

  Moshe joined IsrA.L.S. while he was studying for an MA in Computer Sciences at UCLA in the US. He was head of the IsrA.L.S. Los Angelos Office until returning to Israel in 2006. Today he is Head of Research and Development at Microsoft.  Moshe earned an MBA from the Technion.

Sassona Shitz

 Sassona joined IsrA.L.S. with its inception and in 2009 was appointed to the board. She is a consultant for large projects in the field of information systems.

Uri Ilan

Uri is married to Lilach. He graduated from the Hebrew University Medical School and is a pediatrician. His is a former student and friend of Nir Tsoran, former CEO of IsrA.L.S., who passed away in 2006.