ALS Research

I can’t believe how quickly [IsrA.L.S] pulled everything together.  It is virtually unheard of in the scientific community.”


– Dr. Miguel Weil, researcher at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Cell Research and Immunology


Up until 2006, ALS, an orphan disease, was excluded from Israeli governmental and private funding and ALS-related research was non-existent.  But in a very short time span IsrA.L.S has caused a quiet revolution by bringing this disease to the vanguard of scientific research in Israel.

With a fierce focus on rallying cutting-edge research to meet the formidable challenge that the ALS disease presents, IsrA.L.S has funded 30 research projects at a cost of $3 million over the last few years.  New and sustained engagement by The Weizmann Institute, The Technion, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is rapidly bringing Israel to the very center of this work.

Understanding that breakthrough toward cure can only be achieved through abundant funding and zealous research; IsrA.L.S played a major role in the conception and creation of The Biomedical Science Partnership Legacy Heritage.  With a massive $42 million investment in neurodegenerative research committed over five years from the leading partners (Morasha, the Israeli government and private donors), this fund represents the most exciting development on the ALS horizon. As the first seven researchers dedicated to ALS have been allotted 3-year grants of $300,000 each, IsrA.L.S is counting on this exceptional synergy to lead to substantial breakthrough.

To ensure that this revolution in research gathers the momentum it needs to change the fate of ALS patients, IsrA.L.S encourages bold ideas and fresh collaboration.  Added funding will help IsrA.L.S expand vital activity:

Beyond basic science

Going beyond the basic science focus of the Legacy Heritage fund, IsrA.L.S is seeking additional support to further galvanize innovative research by

  • Funding Israeli post-doctoral students working on special ALS projects in leading U.S. laboratories
  • Funding additional grants for ALS research in Israel
  • Creating an ALS blood and DNA bank to serve Israeli researchers
  • Undertaking an epidemiological survey of all ALS patients in Israel to provide a national profile of the disease
  • Facilitating better ALS research by providing essential resources currently unavailable, such as creation of national animal model colonies

On the International Circuit

In order to stimulate new thinking and discourse in the medical and scientific communities, IsrA.L.S organizes top-tier conferences attended by leading experts from outstanding medical and research centers in Israel and around the world.  As an active member of the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations, IsrA.L.S promotes the innovative work of Israel across the ALS field.